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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

This day and age, it is incredibly easy to acquire a comic book without having to take one, single step outside of your home. With online vendors and catalogs maintaining pretty much any series you could possibly desire, the act of shopping for a comic has been expedited and digitized for our convenience.

However, there is something about going to the comic book shop, scanning the shelves, and actually holding the comic in your hand that is totally gratifying. It is a feeling that is akin to the nostalgia one may experience when thinking about visiting a Blockbuster in the 90's.

Thus, when it comes to comic book shopping, I cannot suggest supporting your local comic book shop highly enough. For me, that local spot comes in the form of Ultimate Comics' Cary location.

ultimate comics
Image Courtesy of Ultimate Comics

Firstly, the staff is incredibly knowledgable of all things nerdy. They will never hesitate to provide recommendations and ensure that you find what you're looking for, and maybe find something you didn't even know you wanted to explore.

Additionally, the store's stock is quite impressive. With a main floor decked out with the latest comics, trades, manga, and toys, it is easy to spend a significant amount of time in the shop. Though, there is plenty more to explore.

The back of the store maintains an even larger collections of comics new and old that will certainly take days to scan.

Now, what truly sold me on this spot was its Free Comic Book Day event that took place in May 2019. The store had some incredible deals on their merchandise and also invited renowned cosplayers, writers, and artists to the event. Free Comic Book Day should be a celebrated event for any comic book fan, and Ultimate Comics ensured that wholeheartedly.

Ultimate Comics
Image Courtesy of Ultimate Comics

So, if you are looking to explore what is around the Raleigh-Durham area when it comes to all things nerdy, do not hesitate to check out Ultimate Comics at its Cary location as well as its Durham and Chapel Hill spots.

Just be sure to set a budget for yourself as it is incredibly easy to spend plenty of money after one visit, and I am speaking from experience.