Christmas Guide #1

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Theme: Bleak House

It's the most wonderful time of the year! The house is covered in pops of red, the city is dazzling with twinkly lights, and my fridge is stocked up on my dad's famous Coquito.

This time of year brings me a great deal of happiness. I grow giddy at the idea of planning Christmas parties and shopping for gifts. I know that for many; however, gift giving can be a source of stress, so here in The Wardrobe, we have been hard at work coming up with easy gift guides for our readers.

To make things easier, when it comes to putting a present together, you want to let the design be inspired by one, central idea. Every single one of our Christmas Guides are inspired by a piece of literature. Whether you just pick one of these items, or put all of them together for a fabulous gift basket, or whether you decide to use it as an inspiration and add your own personal spin to it, you'll be amazed at how easily everything else falls into place once you hone in on that one, central idea.

BOOK: Bleak House

-Fewer novels are as eloquently written and beautifully detailed as Dickens' Bleak House. Set in London, the novel revolves around a lengthy court case involving a wide array of characters and enough sub-plots to keep you turning the page.

COLOR: Wine Red

-Christmas red is bright and merry. Wine red is its muted, moody sister who allows you to look festive while still being subtle. If you choose to put an assortment of gifts together, incorporate this color through the tissue paper, the bows or ribbon, and through any additional accessories or gifts you wish to add, such as a personalized wine glass with the words written in wine, or maybe a soft, microfiber, wine-colored throw to cozy up in while they read their awesome new book.

SPIRITS: A Bottle of Red

-Pick your favorite red for this one, unless the recipient has a preference that you know of. My husband and I love The Prisoner, but if you want to be a little more adventurous, go with a bottle of Gluhwein, the German mulled wine that brings Christmas cheer throughout Christmas markets in the streets of Munich.

WARDROBE Staple: A wine colored/burgundy coat

-This Wardrobe approved color has been slowly dominating the fashion scene and I am all for it. It's elegant, it's classic, and can make a statement without being too in-your-face. Nice outerwear is a must during the winter, and a wine-colored winter coat is the perfect gift for the chic lady in your life.

And last but not least...

A FOODIE TREAT: The Costco box of Ferrero Rocher

-My husband and I always pick up three boxes when Costco rolls them out. We keep one and give two as gifts. They're always a hit and the gold wrappers add some festive flair to any gift presentation.

*On a Person Note: Dear Santa,

At the top of my Christmas List this year is a wine-colored, structured purse. I got a fabulous sparkly, wine headband when I was in Munich, and a purse like this one would be the perfect compliment.

Please and thank you,


PS: For those of you shopping for a girl with a bit more of a relaxed or sporty style, that wine backpack is the perfect gift for them.